Welcome to Jepson Cornerstone Ltd.

Protecting our Heritage for Future Generations.

At Jepson Cornerstone we are a dedicated, traditional team of stone masons, Passionate about the conservation and restoration of the nation’s buildings and monuments. With over 45 years of experience we bring all of our knowledge, care and craftsmanship to bring your projects back to their former glory.

Our group of English heritage trained Artisans bring a thorough knowledge of the methodology of historic techniques. Over time, we have earned an outstanding reputation with our customers for bringing the best quality with our craftsmanship and skills. Our specialist services and advice include: Carving, Pointing, Walling, Stone cleaning/repair, paving, Building, Dressing and fixing, Brick work, restoration of architectural masonry and ecclesiastical maintenance.
In association with other specialist trades, we have completed other works including: Lead light glazing, lead work, Smithery, Roofing and carpentry.

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